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About Ellner Marine

Ellner Marine Contractors. is a full-service diving firm, offering underwater inspection, maintenance and repairs, and project evaluation for Power Plants, Steel Mills, Commercial Industries, Municipalities, and Governmental Entities.

Most engineers are experienced in dry land construction methodology, and unfamiliar with submerged techniques. For this reason, many of our clients find it prudent and often imperative to consult with Ellner Marine early in the project design phase for method, timing and costing considerations.

"With every call out, Ellner Marine has insured a smooth and safe operation...always to our satisfaction."

- Don Kilver, CIPS Power Station

Our Experience

Our personnel average 15 years of experience in:

Our Safety Standards and Employee Qualifications

Ellner Marine maintains rigorous safety standards, and has a written Safety Program in place. Employee Qualifications:

Our Insurance Coverage

In addition to our rigorous safety standards, we carry outstanding Insurance Coverage including up to:

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Ellner Marine has a comprehensive list of references available upon request.

Ellner Marine Contractors

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