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Ellner Marine Contractors, is a full-service diving firm serving the world power plants, offshore drilling rig, steel mills, and municipalities since 1992.

Ellner Marine:

Since 1992, Ellner Marine has provided maintenance and diving services for industries, including offshore drilling rig, steel mills, and power plant projects, for municipalities, and for governmental agencies. We have performed miles of underwater tunnel inspections. We have pumped over 50,000 cubic yards of concrete and removed over 200,000 yards of sediment on dams, caissons, steel mills and power plant construction and refurbishment projects. Drawing upon this experience, Ellner has developed a staff of professionals with particular expertise in all areas of underwater problems.

Our Specialties include:

"180 foot dives performed accident free for three consecutive years."

- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Elberton, Georgia

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